11 Useful Spotify App Features You May Not Know About

The music service Spotify has been launched in Russia. “Billboard Daily” crawled it up and down to collect the most useful and non-obvious functions.

Where to find Discover Weekly

Spotify’s most famous product is Discover Weekly’s weekly recommendation playlist, which is renowned for its precise algorithms and selections. The playlist does not appear immediately, but on Mondays, in order for the application to compose it, you need to listen to the music you are interested in. The playlist will appear on the Home screen in Personal Collections and in Search in Recommendations. In the Russian version it is called “Discovery of the week”.

Sleep timer

Five years ago, the fastest growing category on Spotify was music for sleep and relaxation – then 280 albums with relaxing ambient were uploaded to the service per week. In 2017, there was even a conspiracy theory that the company itself publishes hundreds of albums with piano music from unknown authors and millions of listens.

Spotify is really handy for listening to music when you fall asleep. For example, you can set a timer that will stop playback after you fall asleep. There are timers ranging from five minutes to an hour. Thanks to them, you will not have to wake up in the middle of the night from unexpected sounds from your phone.How to do itClick on the three dots on the player with the current song, scroll to the very bottom and select “Sleep Timer”

Endless playlist

By default, Spotify has an infinite playlist: that is, after the current album or playlist is completed, the service itself will offer about 20 tracks similar to the ones you just listened to. Some people like endless playlists, but sometimes it’s inconvenient – for example, if you want to know for sure that the album has already ended and you can move on to another. For the second case, the endless playlist can be disabled.How to do it”Settings” – “Playback” – turn off the switch “Music non-stop”

Musicians playlists

On the pages of popular musicians, you can find not only their music, but also playlists that they have collected for fans or some events. For example, Deftones’ profile has a playlist for vocalist Chino Moreno , which he played on a twitch stream, and singer Carly Rae Jepsen has a playlist titled “Happy Valentine’s, bitches” . Look for collections of songs from musicians at the very bottom of the screen.

Secret track switch

In Apple Music or VKontakte applications, the track can be switched with a button on a narrow strip, into which the player is minimized. Spotify doesn’t have this, so the track is switched either in a full-size player or in a secret way. To do this, swipe the minimized player to the right or left – the track will switch.

Anonymous mode

After registering with Spotify, you will be presented with your profile, which displays your collected playlists and recently listened artists by default. If you don’t want your friends to watch what you are listening to, then go to private mode.How to do it”Settings” – “Privacy” – “Private mode”

Playlist recommendations

Spotify recommends music based on your listens, but also based on individual playlists. For example, you can create a playlist with new metal core and another with Japanese pop music. Recommendations for each will be different. To view them, go to the playlist in your library and scroll to the bottom. The service recommends six tracks each, but the list can be updated.

Subtle transitions between songs

Any playlist in Spotify can be turned into a kind of mix, where the transitions between different tracks are almost invisible spotify lightsaber hack. The most interesting thing is to do this in a playlist with completely dissimilar performers. For example, the mixing of any hard Slipknot track and the beginning of the song “Ponponpon” by Japanese singer Kyari Pyamu Pyamu looks especially good .How to do it”Settings” – “Playback” and set the smooth transition to the “12 seconds” mark


A rare instrument for modern streaming, it adjusts the frequencies of the outgoing sound to enhance the low or high frequencies. The tracks sound especially good on the “Electronics” and “Rock” presets.How to do it”Settings” – “Playback” – “Equalizer”

Switch between phone and computer

The service synchronizes music playback between different devices. For example, if you listened to music on your phone and then came home and logged into the desktop version of Spotify, then it can continue the song from the same place. To do this, you just need to press the play button.

Nostalgic playlists by year

Feature for old people who started a Spotify account a few years ago, but then abandoned it due to VPN difficulties. On the main page of the application – in the “Personal selections” block – you can find huge playlists (they last six and a half hours) with the most listened to tracks by year. Nostalgia for the evening is guaranteed.

Roblox Frequently Asked Questions

How to get robaxes for free?

In a separate Roblox guide, we told you how to get robaxes for real money or completely free.

How do I create clothes?

Open the official Roblox website on a PC or Mac and log in with your data (the service is multi-platform, so even if you used Android or iOS before, you can continue on desktops or MacBooks). At the top of the screen is the CREATE button. Click on it to go to Roblox Studio. If the application has not yet been downloaded to your PC, you will be prompted to do so.

Rfr jnrhsnm Roblox Studio
Rfr jnrhsnm Roblox Studio

Rfr jnrhsnm Roblox Studio

And then a learning system will start, explaining the basics of programming in Lua. But this is a separate topic.

How do I recover my password?

Here things are not as good as they seemed. When registering from a phone, you do not specify a mailbox, but come up with a username and password. If you forgot your password, you can always restore it through the corresponding request on the website or in the application, and you will need to specify the account login. If you forget both the password and the login, then everything can end sadly. You can restore your username and password at the same time only on one condition – you edited your account data and indicated your phone number and / or mailbox. At the same time, as you know, it is important to have access to them.

Here you can add mailbox and phone
Here you can add mailbox and phone

Here you can add mailbox and phone

Therefore, the first thing you should do after registration is to go to the MORE tab and open the Settings . In the list provided , select Account Info , where add your phone number and / or mailbox.

How to earn robaxes?

You can earn robux at easyrobux.today . It is a legal source of game currency. But you won’t be able to earn much free script executor.

How to delete an account?

This action is not provided by the developers.

How to buy clothes for free?

Periodically check out the Item Store (Catalog) and browse the available items. Sometimes you can find free stuff here.

Like this
Like this

Like this

How to buy a VIP? How to join the builders club?

On your phone, open the MORE tab and select Builders Club . This is a VIP subscription. There are several options that allow you to receive a certain number of robaxes daily.



How to ride a motorcycle?

You need to jump onto the seat from above.

How to skate?

Skate is given (created) automatically, but it is not available on all maps. If you can use a skateboard on the map, the corresponding icon will appear. Tap on it to make the character pick up the skate.

What is the name of the pitching simulator?

Weight Lifting Simulator.

What is the name of the map in Roblox with a scary elevator?

The Horror Elevator.

What is the game of hide and seek called?

Hide and Seek.

How to write in Russian in Roblox?

This function is supported when playing from a smartphone or tablet.

How to run two roblocks on one computer?

You can do this trick on a Windows 8 or 10 PC because you need access to the Microsoft Store . Launch the first Roblox program and enter the game. Let it be Counter Strike. Be sure to choose terrorists or special forces. Now minimize the game, click on the “Start” button and go to the Microsoft Store. Search for Roblox in the search bar, download and install, and then run. Log into the same account and join the game. Please select a different team. As a result of such manipulations, you will throw your characters into two different teams, while you can play from the same computer.

How do I run Roblox on Windows 10?

Use the Microsoft Store, where the game is completely free.

How to make money in Counter Blox Roblox Offensive?

There is only one way to make money in the game – be active and commit as many murders as possible.Joint pain?Learn how to deal with the cause of joint pain, not treat the symptomsh3.melukoola.xyzGo toThere are contraindications, consult your doctor. OOO “MedAS” OGRN 1027729432687 INN: 77282140723 Checkpoint: 720301001 115161, Moscow region, MoscowAdvertising

How do I sign out of my account?

On your phone, open the More tab , go to the very bottom and see the Log Out function . It allows you to leave your account.



How to throw things away?

On a computer, the Backspace key .

How to roll an ax in Lumber Tycoon 2 Roblox?

Just like any other item.

How to change gender to female?

Open the MORE tab on your phone and go to Settings – Account Info . Scroll down the page and you will see personal data ( PERSONAL ), where you can write about yourself in brief, change your date of birth, gender, language and country. The game is currently available in English and Spanish.

How do I change my character?

You cannot change the character in the game, but you can change his appearance. To do this, open the AVATAR tab on your phone .

How to rob a jewelry store in Roblox Jailbreak?

Jewelry is located next to the base of criminals. When the light turns on, then move to the X mark on the ground, then bend down and go inside the building. Destroy the shop windows with the F key. When you collect enough money, then go up to the second tier. Try to avoid getting red rays from cameras, as this will cause you to lose health.

When you find yourself on the third floor, then dodge the laser and climb higher to the fourth tier. There are three doors here. Compared to a bank, you don’t have to worry about cops. There may be campers on the roof. When you get there, then follow to the criminal base. At the base, you can turn in jewelry and get money.

The jewelry store will be closed immediately after all heroes receive money, with the exception of arrested characters.

How to rob a bank in Roblox Jailbreak?

Located on the left side of the garage. Be careful: if the cop manages to touch the compartment with the money, then all the heroes will be arrested. In addition, a limited time is given for the robbery. If the time runs out, then you will be automatically teleported outside the bank (but not arrested). The bank will close.

You can go inside even without a card. Approach the hatch near the bank, lie down on the ground and hit it. The chances that it will open is 50%.

How to rob a train?

Climb onto the train and follow the direction of the red carriage. There will be a hatch on top – open it, go through the door and take the money. Open the door on the left and leave the train. It is best to rob a train with a friend, and take on an ATV. A friend should be waiting for you right outside the door.

How to add to friends?

On your phone, open the CHAT tab and in the top bar, find the torso icon with a “+” sign. Click on it and then enter your friend’s nickname.

Friends search button
Friends search button

Friends search button

How to make emoticons?

Emoticons are not available everywhere, but if this function is supported, then you can add them to the message using the CTRL + 1 (NUMPAD 1) key combination .

How do I fix the error occurred while starting roblox details?

The error is related to a crash in the process of starting Roblox. As recommended by the developers, you should try running the game in compatibility mode roblox free mod menu . To do this, go to the properties of the application and open the additional compatibility menu. Please select a newer or older system.

Try uninstalling the app, clearing the cache, and reinstalling. Perhaps your antivirus is swearing at the application , which deletes certain files. Try reinstalling the app by temporarily disabling your antivirus or adding Roblox to exceptions.

How do I change my nickname?


Sandship: Crafting Factory

Sandship, developer Rockbite Games’ sci-fi factory sim, has launched a day early for iOS and Android. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic desert and sees you controlling the last remaining sandship in existence.

This imposing mega-factory roams the desert like a metallic king but still needs to be looked after if it’s to continue along on its endless journey. Lucky for you, you’ve awoken in a land of strange ruins, where the forgotten technology of an ancient, advanced civilisation can be found sandship crafting factory hack.

Naturally, you’ll use whatever you stumble upon to your advantage, upgrading your ship along the way with ever more impressive tech. I should probably mention about now that there’s also a vicious cult hellbent on your destruction. I suppose there needs to be some immediate conflict for you to deal with, after all.

You’ll spend most of your time designing factories from the ground up, making use of chemical mixers, ice guns, and synthesizers to keep things running smoothly. The better your devices, the greater your automated productivity, so it’s all about putting in the work, upgrading the essentials, and obtaining more scientific research from the ancient past.

Trusty engineering mentor Harvey will help you out during your quest. He’s a one-eyed cyborg with a complicated past who’ll teach you the basics of running a sandship, completing objectives, and defending your home from invading extraterrestrials. More friendly NPCs will pop up over time, which I’m sure will come as quite a relief given your harsh surroundings and the whole murderous cult problem.

Sandship is now available for download as a free-to-play title from over on the App Store and Google Play. It definitely seems like it’ll please fans of the genre, and the developer’s previous title, idle mining game Deep Town, proved to be quite a hit.

Test: Steinberg Cubase Pro 9

With the reliability of a clockwork, Steinberg brings a new, large version of its sequencer flagship Cubase Pro onto the market every two years. Version 9 has now been reached. Here you can find out what the new Cubase has in stock and whether an upgrade is worthwhile. 

Highlights of Cubase 9 are the new, comfortable one-window operation, which is made possible by the so-called “Lower Zone” in the main window, the sampler with its own track and matching library “Caleidoscope”, a new eight-band equalizer with MS processing and Audio inputs for VST3 instruments. But that’s not all cubase 9 activation code free
At the same time as Cubase Pro 9, the slimmed-down version Cubase Artist 9, which is aimed at musicians and songwriters, as well as Cubase Elements 9 for beginners. 


When Steinberg released the 24-track MIDI sequencer Twenty Four for the Atari ST in the mid-eighties, the young German development team led by Karl Steinberg, Werner Kracht and Manfred Rürup triggered a revolution in music production: Suddenly, MIDI-capable synthesizers were possible and synchronize rhythm machines and create extensive compositions using editable MIDI sequences. To do this, you previously needed a 24-track tape machine and musicians with a fixed timing.
But nobody would have expected at the time the extent to which the capabilities of the sequencer software would increase, driven by the unbridled creativity of the developers and increasingly powerful computers. In 1989 the development of Cubase began, with which arrangements were visualized over time on the screen for the first time. This was followed by Steinberg’s VST interface for integrating digital audio software and the ASIO audio engine (both in 1996), which to this day have played the role of an industry standard. Since the late nineties, the recording studio’s MIDI computers have gradually been turned into audio workstations. Thanks to VST, third-party providers were able to develop virtual effects and instruments that are now increasingly competing with expensive hardware and constantly opening up new possibilities.


Cubase Pro 9 offers almost any number of audio and MIDI tracks and support for 5.1 surround until the processors pull the rip cord, supplemented by a virtual control room for headphone mixes and the switching of monitor systems. The mixer with a large number of channel presets can be largely configured to meet individual requirements. Cubase Pro 9 offers more than 80 effects for sound shaping, mixing and mastering. In addition, there are instruments that range from full virtual-analog synthesizers such as Retrologue to contemporary drums (Groove Agent SE), crazy sequences made of loop mesh and experimental surfaces from Padshop. The AudioWarp function has long made it possible to quantize audio tracks, while VariAudio 2 is used for extensive post-processing of vocals.

Cubase Pro 9 Lower Zone
The new Lower Zone enables Cubase Pro 9 to work in a window.

New in Cubase Pro 9

With the new Cubase versions, Steinberg not only surprised many with innovative new features, but also repeatedly considered the wishes of the users. This is also the case this time. Version 9 counteracts, among other things, the frequently voiced criticism that Cubase, as a “dinosaur”, is hardly manageable for beginners.

One-window layout

Cubase Pro 9 does indeed look slimmer without throwing important functions or detailed editing overboard. The new one-window layout, which has also found its way into Cubase Artist 9 and Cubase Elements 9, is decisive for the faster workflow. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can quickly access the mixer or the editors within the project window, which are displayed in a scalable manner in the newly created lower area. If you want to edit an audio or MIDI track, you no longer have to switch to the respective editor, which then covers the main window, but open it by clicking on the track pattern. The chord pads, which can be assigned chords, and the new sampler can also be opened in the Lower Zone.


The new history concerns operations in the mixer and is located there in the form of a column with the entries for all work steps, such as parameter changes of the effects involved, fader positions, moving or loading plug-ins. So it is not only possible in a simple way to restore previous processing stages if one has moved in the wrong direction. Alternative machining processes can also be compared with one another on the fly.

Cubase Pro 9 Mix Console
The Mix Console now has a history that provides information about the processing progress and can undo old work steps.

New and enhanced Cubase effects

A brand new eight-band equalizer can be found under the name “Frequency”. Each of the fully parametric bands with a possible deviation of up to 30 dB has four to nine different filter types, a linear-phase operating mode and, in addition to conventional stereo operation, can also be used in MS mode, i.e. for separate processing of mid and side signals. This makes it possible, for example, to make a bass drum more powerful and fuller in the stereo center, to work out the attack of a snare or to make the solo vocals brighter and more transparent without unintentionally influencing the bass of the synthesizer surfaces or the cymbals of the drums in the side channel. Conversely, the spatial information or effects that are primarily found in the side channel, can be emphasized or weakened and their timbre can be influenced without changing the central instruments and the vocals. A real-time display of the frequency curve and solo functions for the individual bands facilitate analytical processing. A keyboard in the lower line shows the assignment of notes to physical frequencies.
Frequency is an all-rounder that sounds musical without giving the signal its own special coloring. It is also suitable for difficult mastering tasks, such as narrow-band filtering out of interference signals or attenuating dominant resonances. Other effects have been revised for Cubase 9 and some of them have new functions. While the compressor, brickwall limiter, expander, envelope shaper and gate have been designed graphically more generously and modernly with the same functionality, the mini plug-in AutoPan has become a full-blown panner, where you can draw any course using anchor points and can start effective journeys through the stereo panorama.
The Maximizer has also been redesigned and expanded: to increase the loudness, a new algorithm called “New Modern Mode” is now available in addition to the Classic operating mode, which is specially designed for contemporary rock / pop and dance productions. With New Modern an astonishing increase in loudness is achieved without loss of transparency or the impression of a signal that has been thrown flat. Especially transients and details in the higher frequency range are retained. The Maximizer now also offers more precise level displays for input and output and level reduction.

Cubase Pro 9 Auto Pan
Some of the included effects have been visually enhanced and – for example in the case of AutoPan – equipped with new functions.


In the new sampler, you can drag your own audio clips, audio events from the media bay or audio patterns directly from project tracks. In the Sampler Control window in the Lower Zone, an audio clip is dragged onto the keyboard (multisamples are not possible), transposed if necessary, given a start and end point or played as a loop – forwards, alternately or backwards. Via audio warp, the sampler has time stretching, a synchronization of beats and loops to the song tempo and a formant transposition. Samples can be assigned to an original key (root key), played legato or with portamento, arranged in a panorama and modeled with a resonance-capable multimode filter with upstream saturation / distortion and its own envelope curve with many anchor points. Parameter changes can be recorded as animation. The sampler is played via its own MIDI track (sampler track). With easy-to-use and effective means, you can also create highly distorted audio clips in no time at all, which you can even transfer directly to Groove Agent SE or HALion for further processing using the transfer button.
Also included is a well-stocked sample library, Caleidoscope, which lives up to its name: what is on offer here is colorful, inspiring and refreshing. So you come across atmospheres and textures, effect sounds and filter paintings of all colors and moods, plus angelic choirs floating through the universe.
Tonal material is available in the form of marked chords and can also be transferred directly from the Cubase Sound Browser to Groove Agent 4 SE via drag and drop. There are also ready-made patches for the sampler. The Caleidoscope-Library aims at film and game scoring, ambient and can also enrich modern club / dance projects with splashes of color and listening effects.

Production grooves

In line with the versatility of Caleidoscope, Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 has donated more than 400 new drum grooves, which cover all common genres from country to rock, pop and disco to dark ambient and trap and are intended for the integrated Groove Agent 4 SE. What distinguishes these grooves is a superb microtiming and a pointed dynamic. So it really grooves – not a lifeless machine beat.

Cubase Pro 9 Frequency
The new eight-band frequency equalizer enables MS processing.

Audio-in for VST3 instruments

Instruments in VST3 format that have a sidechain path, such as the subtractive synthesizer Retrologue, can now be fed with audio material as alternative sound sources to the oscillators. For example, EDM beats with tempo-synchronized LFO-modulated filters can be alienated and polyrhythmic sequences can be implemented using the internal sequencer from Retrologue. New worlds of sound will open up here if third-party suppliers of potent synthesizers incorporate this option into their next updates.

Marker tracks

Cubase Pro 9 now offers up to ten marker tracks with which areas can be defined within projects and these can be exported as group mixes. So you can easily create stems for remixes.

Cubase Pro 9 blacklist
32-bit and stability-threatening third-party plug-ins are now on a blacklist.

Ballast thrown overboard

Cubase should now be run as a 64-bit host in (almost) all studios. Steinberg is therefore finally abolishing 32-bit compatibility with Cubase Pro 9 in order to maximize the stability of the program. When the program starts, the new scanner plug-in Sentinel checks all plug-ins in the paths specified by the manufacturer. If plug-ins are stored elsewhere, these must be entered manually using the plug-in manager.
32-bit plug-ins appear on a blacklist and are no longer loaded. 64-bit plug-ins that Sentinel identifies as problematic also appear here. Some VST2 plug-ins from iZotope and Vienna Symphonic Library actually landed on our test system. Fortunately, these were all available in VST3 variants. 

Collaboration through the cloud

VST Connect SE 4 (Cubase Pro 9 only cubase pro 9 activation code free) allows joint recording sessions across continents – provided you have a fast internet connection. Projects can be exchanged using VST Transit, whereby VST3 plug-ins from third-party providers are now also taken into account.


There were no big sensations in this Cubase update. However, the numerous small innovations also prove to be ingenious. Thanks to Sentinel, Cubase has become much more stable as problematic plug-ins from third-party providers are now filtered out. The departure from 32-bit is also a logical step into the world of modern computers and operating systems.
Setting up the Lower Zone speeds up work significantly and provides an overview, even if you are only working with one monitor. The history is an enormous help when mixing, with which you can still make a comparison to the starting point and every single intermediate step even after extensive changes to the sound design. The full-blown Equalizer Frequency with eight bands and MS processing proves to be an excellent sounding, effective tool for mixing and mastering.
The sampler invites you to sound experiments and is very easy to use. With Caleidoscope, film music composers and dance / club artists can look forward to a library full of sound painting effect sounds, while the new production grooves for Groove Agent 4 SE deliver lively and production-ready beats for all common genres. Cubase Pro 9 successfully defends its position among the top sequencers with this update. Both the update and the full version are offered at a reasonable price.

Roblox: All Promo Codes (2020) and how you can redeem them

You can use promo codes to unlock free items in Roblox to customize your characters. At this point we will show you an updated list of all codes and also explain how you can redeem promo codes.

This is how you can redeem promo codes in Roblox

  1. Opens the Roblox website, where you can redeem promo codes.
  2. Log in to your Roblox account or register if you haven’t already.
  3. Enter one of the codes from the list below and click on the “Redeem” button.
  4. If the code is valid, you will see a green thumb with the confirmation .
  5. You then get access to the unlocked item in the inventory of your account . Be careful to select the correct inventory category.
  6. Get fluxus roblox exploit Free

List of all valid promo codes (as of October 2020)

Promo codereward
SPIRIT2020Pauldrons (Spirit Day 2020)
TWEET2MILSocialsaurus Flex Hat
SMYTHSHEADPHONES2020Gnarly Triangle headphones
WorldAliveCrystallized Companion
DIYKinetic rod
StrikeAPose“Build It” cap
SPIDERCOLACoke can on spider legs
SettingTheStage“Build It” backpack

Expired promo codes

The following codes are no longer valid (as of October 2020) :

  • WorldAlive
  • * HAPPY2019ROBLOX *
  • 200kTWITCH
  • TARGET2018
  • SXSW2015

Have you discovered new promo codes for Roblox online? New robeats script, Then please write us in the comments and share them with other players! We will also update this list regularly so that you always get the latest codes!

Geometry Dash: Jump, Fly, Despair

Do you like challenging and at the same time simple gameplay, geometry and music? Then the game Geometry Dash should meet your taste exactly.

Geometry Dash is currently one of the most successful apps in the Play Store. This is certainly not least due to the fact that the focus here is on self-explanatory gameplay that is at least as demanding as it is simple. To jump you just have to tap on the screen, as long as you hold down, you jump further.

Flying works just as easily: To ascend, you just have to press and hold the screen, to fly down you just have to let go. It all sounds very simple, but in practice it is anything but easy, as it is all about a very good reaction.

Geometry Dash: The Features

In the spirit of games like “ The Impossible Game ”, Geometry Dash requires you to overcome a wide variety of (geometric) obstacles with a cube, jumping or flying to the music. But of course there is more:

  • Rhythm-based action platformer
  • Numerous characters that can be customized in their color
  • Practice Mode: Set your own markers to practice a certain level
  • Currently 6 levels with different soundtracks
  • Each level can be completed with a maximum of 3 stars
  • Soundtracks can be downloaded from the app (a link takes you to the corresponding YouTube video, where you can find another link to download)
  • No in-app purchases

Geometry Dash mega hack v6

In addition to the free, advertising-financed version (Geometry Dash Lite), the Play Store also has the full version of the game for 1.56 euros . This brings you additional content:

  • More levels
  • Your own level editor to create your own levels
  • New characters
  • Lots of achievements and rewards
  • More music

Advanced SystemCare 13: Your free 1-click solution for a clean Windows

IObit has released Advanced SystemCare 13, the latest version of the comprehensive Windows system optimizer. The new program edition offers a more thorough PC cleaning as well as strong protection functions including a new e-mail protection.
advanced systemcare 12.1 pro key

Every Windows PC generates junk files every day that are useless to you as a user and also result in a slow computer and poor PC performance. Advanced SystemCare 13 uses advanced technology to thoroughly clean up 26 types of junk files such as: B. Windows update caches, browser log files and software leftovers. Compared to the previous version, the new edition detects and removes over 120% more junk files according to performance tests in IObit.

With the one-click solution, you can clean up all user accounts at the same time. Together with the extended system start-up manager, the 30% larger database of system start-up optimization accelerates the system start-up further. In addition, Advanced SystemCare can manage 13 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps to reduce CPU usage. With the brand new context menu manager, users can easily manage the context menu.

In addition, Advanced SystemCare 13 protects users’ digital fingerprints and user-defined confidential data such as browser data, OneDrive and contacts from unauthorized access. It can browse the privacy of 200+ software and 15 browsers including CryptoTab Browser and Brave Browser.

Email protection has been added to allow users to identify and block malicious links and emails from suspicious senders. It can effectively prevent users from receiving spam, phishing, and other email-based threats. Spyware Removal and Real-Time Protectors contain a 200% larger database to remove more threats, including the latest versions of Worm.Mydoom, Ransom.FileCrypter and Trojan.Symmi.

Advanced SystemCare 13 can better protect users’ online privacy with advanced security features. Advanced SystemCare 13 is now available on IObit and Cnet. It has full support for Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista. You can download the free version of Advanced SystemCare 13 from this direct link at IObit .

New Battle Royale Games 2020

New 2020 Battle Royale Games are one of the most important categories in the mobile game industry. Here we have summarized the best 7 representatives from the Battle Royale Games 2020 category for you.

In recent years, the battle royale genre has become one of the most popular genres in the mobile game industry. Meanwhile, many different representatives are crowding the game market. The competition is fierce and some of these games outperform their competitors.

A few of these New Battle Royale Games 2020 are known to most. Others are less well known, but have a very close fan base. Let’s take a look at these games together.

Table of Contents

Best New Battle Royale Games 2020


New Battle Royale Games 2020

Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds, or better known as PUBG, is a multiplayer shooter that has managed to become one of the best and most popular brands among the New Battle Royale Games 2020. The game developed and distributed by PUBG Corporation is known to have 100 other players trying to survive together on an island. New characters, features, and different themes are often added to the game. The PUBG Mobile version is suitable for Android smartphones and tablets with a large storage capacity. The company also offers the PUBG Mobile Lite version, which was specially created for mobile devices with less storage space.
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2. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is perhaps the most valuable game among the games on this list. Although you can play the game in German, you hardly hear anything about it in this country. It’s pretty successful at that, being the most downloaded game in the world on mobile in 2019. The high graphics quality, the unique themes and the similarity to the PUBG game are the notable features of Garena Free Fire. Among other things, the fact that the game takes up little space and works flawlessly on almost every device should also be praised. Garena Free Fire, which has been downloaded over 100 million times in total, still doesn’t get a lot of attention, like PUBG or CoD. In the maps of the Garena Free Fire game, 50 players face each other.

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3. Rules of Survival

At 2.7 GB in size, this game is a true PUBG clone. Rules of Survival requires a high level of processor power in order to function properly. Instead of 100 players, 120 players can play against each other at the same time. In Rules of Survival, players can purchase equipment such as weapons and vehicles to ensure their survival and even win in the end. Even if delays occur from time to time during the game that interrupt the flow of the game, Rules of Survival casts a spell over the player thanks to its cross-platform playability.

4. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is believed to be the only battle royale game that has so far managed to overtake PUBG Mobile. Call of Duty: Mobile was named Game of the Year for 2019. Characters like Soap MacTavish, Captain Price and Simon Ghost Riley, who we know from other versions, are also included in the mobile version of the game. In this version you can find new items, maps and weapons. In addition, there are always new in-game events taking place.

5. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

At first glance, Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground seems like a parody of PUBG. In fact, it’s a game with very different functions. In Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground, you have to try to survive on an island. 25 players can face each other at the same time. You can also chat with each other in the game. The game also includes the Battle Royale, Team Battle and Zombie modes.

6. Knives Out

The download of Knives Out has now exceeded 10 million. Technically, Knives Out is hardly any different from any other battle royale game. The difference is that this game has a very bloody and violent depiction. The robbers and the occasional endless waiting times in the game are mentioned as the most common criticism.

7. Battleland Royale

Battleland Royale is very similar to a comic book. Battleland Royale is a battle royale game played from an isometric perspective. 32 players can compete against each other at the same time. The last surviving player is considered the only winner. Most of the concepts in Battleland Royale are identical to PUBG, but on a much smaller scale. On average, a game challenge lasts between 3 and 5 minutes.

My opinion on the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography subscription

What do I think of the Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom subscription model? In today’s blog post there is my very personal opinion on it.

From time to time I get emails with questions about post-processing photos. When it comes to Photoshop and the Adobe Creative Cloud photography subscription, the tone is always sharper. Therefore, today I would like to report my opinion on this software model from Adobe. I did not receive any support from Adobe for this post, it is purely my personal opinion.

An example mail

The following is an excerpt from an email I recently received:

“If you had another tip here, I would of course be grateful. I refuse to subscribe to the new LR in Adobe’s online package. I think that’s a cheek from Adobe! “

A look back at 2005

Let me jump back a few years When I started photography in 2005, the first Photoshop CS (Photoshop 8.0) was up to date. Lightroom didn’t exist then. If I remember correctly, there was already another possibility for post-processing with Gimp. However, Gimp was not that developed back then and was therefore not an alternative to Photoshop.

Much of the tutorials I found online were designed for Photoshop . It was the standard for post-production . Nothing has changed about that until today. If I wanted to learn how to edit my pictures, then there was no getting around Photoshop .

Photoshop then cost around 1200 euros . A new version there were about every two years . Just like today, the whole point of upgrading to a new version was often buying a new camera. Photoshop’s internal Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom no longer supports the new camera, depending on the version. So I think it’s realistic to say that you had to buy a new Photoshop every 4 years or so . Because I was studying at the time, I was able to buy Photoshop for a student price of 200 euros.

Changeover from Adobe to the subscription model

In 2013, Adobe switched Photoshop to the subscription model with Version CC. A short time later there was also the Creative Cloud Photo Subscription ” from Adobe. With this subscription you can use Photoshop and Lightroom for around 13 euros per month. The subscription runs for one year and is billed monthly. At first I was briefly skeptical about this development. But let’s do the math.

In 2005 Photoshop cost around 1200 euros. You had to upgrade roughly every four years. Cost for 4 years = 1200 euros. Costs for one year in 2005: 1200/4 = 300 euros.

Today Photoshop including Lightroom costs 12 euros a month. Cost for one year today: 12 euros * 12 months = 144 euros.

Photoshop is now less than half the price it used to be.

Another bonus: With a (secondary) business, I can even settle these costs monthly without having to write off the one-time large expense as before.

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Continuous improvements

In this calculation, I did not even include the additional programs required . In 2005 there were special programs or plugins that you needed for some special tasks. These programs were better than Photoshop’s respective functions or provided functions that Photoshop did not have. But Adobe has done its homework in the meantime.

  1. What about RAW back then? You used the RAW software that came with the camera or bought a program like Capture One to prepare the RAWs for Photoshop. Today there is Adobe Camera RAW.
  2. I used PTGUI to compose panoramas from several photos. Today the Photoshop internal Photomerge does a good job with almost all Panos.
  3. I used to use plugins to sharpen my images for printing. Today, Photoshop’s internal sharpening filters are good enough to do the job.
  4. I used to denoise my images with Neat Image. Today I can also use the internal filters of Photoshop or Camera RAW with very good results.

I could go on and on with this list. I just want to say that I find the updates and further developments of Lightroom and Photoshop to be very good and useful .

My conclusion on the subscription model

Adobe is continuously improving Photoshop and adding new features. The software is considerably cheaper than before and can now handle all tasks almost without additional plugins. I have no problems with the subscription model because I get all updates automatically installed on my computer. The performance offered I think for 12 euros per month absolutely appropriate. Even if you only use Lightroom.

PUBG with maximum fps – Nvidia reveals optimal settings

According to Nvidia, if you want to play successfully, you need the highest possible fps and refresh rates. A new guide should help to achieve that in PUBG.

In a new blog entry, Nvidia shows settings that should ensure more frames per second in the Battle Royale shooter Player unknown’s Battlegrounds and thus also provide a competitive advantage.

The background is once again the “Frames Win Games” project, which, according to its name, is dedicated to the topic of what advantages higher fps can potentially offer with the right hardware and how such fps numbers can be achieved.

At the same time, the fact that Nvidia launched such a campaign comes as no surprise – after all, Nvidia itself sells graphics cards, which are mostly responsible for calculating the images in games. Gx tool pro free Download.

Which advantages should more fps offer?

Higher frame and refresh rates reduce latency, i.e. the time that elapses between input (e.g. moving the mouse or pressing a key) and output on the screen. At the same time, movements appear smoother, the higher the fps with a graphics card in combination with the high refresh rate of a suitable monitor.

Is that still noticeable at high fps? Whether, and if so, how much an improvement is perceived in such high fps ranges as around 240 frames per second, depends on each individual – it is highly subjective.

Experience has shown that the jump from 60 fps to 120/144 fps (or Hertz) is most noticeable, while even higher frame and refresh rates are often barely or not at all noticed by many gamers.

Relative improvement of the K / D ratio depending on the fps number. (Image source: Nvidia)

According to Nvidia, however, there is a measurable connection between the K / D ratio, i.e. the ratio between kills and own deaths, and high fps, which the above picture should illustrate.

Nvidia’s suggestion to improve fps in PUBG

The company’s own RTX-2000 graphics cards should be able to consistently achieve 144 fps with a resolution of 1080p. In the case of AMD, PUBG’s official system requirements recommend a Radeon RX 5700.

Those who still or generally need more frames per second can use Nvidia’s following guide, which achieves more fps with a reduced resolution and lower details.

  • Set the resolution to 1920×1080 and ensure that the monitor is set to the highest possible frame rate.
  • Set the rendering resolution in the game to 90 and apply the quality settings (image below).

Settings recommended by Nvidia for more fps in PUBG. (Image source: Nvidia)

To compensate for the lower resolution, it is also recommended to activate image sharpening in the Nvidia control panel. To do this, you have to proceed as follows:

  • Navigate to »Manage 3D Settings«
  • Select the »Program settings« tab
  • Uncheck »Show only programs that are found on this computer«
  • search for and select both PUBG entries
  • Activate image sharpening with the preset settings
  • Confirm and close Nvidia Control Panel