Geometry Dash: Jump, Fly, Despair

Do you like challenging and at the same time simple gameplay, geometry and music? Then the game Geometry Dash should meet your taste exactly.

Geometry Dash is currently one of the most successful apps in the Play Store. This is certainly not least due to the fact that the focus here is on self-explanatory gameplay that is at least as demanding as it is simple. To jump you just have to tap on the screen, as long as you hold down, you jump further.

Flying works just as easily: To ascend, you just have to press and hold the screen, to fly down you just have to let go. It all sounds very simple, but in practice it is anything but easy, as it is all about a very good reaction.

Geometry Dash: The Features

In the spirit of games like “ The Impossible Game ”, Geometry Dash requires you to overcome a wide variety of (geometric) obstacles with a cube, jumping or flying to the music. But of course there is more:

  • Rhythm-based action platformer
  • Numerous characters that can be customized in their color
  • Practice Mode: Set your own markers to practice a certain level
  • Currently 6 levels with different soundtracks
  • Each level can be completed with a maximum of 3 stars
  • Soundtracks can be downloaded from the app (a link takes you to the corresponding YouTube video, where you can find another link to download)
  • No in-app purchases

Geometry Dash mega hack v6

In addition to the free, advertising-financed version (Geometry Dash Lite), the Play Store also has the full version of the game for 1.56 euros . This brings you additional content:

  • More levels
  • Your own level editor to create your own levels
  • New characters
  • Lots of achievements and rewards
  • More music

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