PUBG with maximum fps – Nvidia reveals optimal settings

According to Nvidia, if you want to play successfully, you need the highest possible fps and refresh rates. A new guide should help to achieve that in PUBG.

In a new blog entry, Nvidia shows settings that should ensure more frames per second in the Battle Royale shooter Player unknown’s Battlegrounds and thus also provide a competitive advantage.

The background is once again the “Frames Win Games” project, which, according to its name, is dedicated to the topic of what advantages higher fps can potentially offer with the right hardware and how such fps numbers can be achieved.

At the same time, the fact that Nvidia launched such a campaign comes as no surprise – after all, Nvidia itself sells graphics cards, which are mostly responsible for calculating the images in games. Gx tool pro free Download.

Which advantages should more fps offer?

Higher frame and refresh rates reduce latency, i.e. the time that elapses between input (e.g. moving the mouse or pressing a key) and output on the screen. At the same time, movements appear smoother, the higher the fps with a graphics card in combination with the high refresh rate of a suitable monitor.

Is that still noticeable at high fps? Whether, and if so, how much an improvement is perceived in such high fps ranges as around 240 frames per second, depends on each individual – it is highly subjective.

Experience has shown that the jump from 60 fps to 120/144 fps (or Hertz) is most noticeable, while even higher frame and refresh rates are often barely or not at all noticed by many gamers.

Relative improvement of the K / D ratio depending on the fps number. (Image source: Nvidia)

According to Nvidia, however, there is a measurable connection between the K / D ratio, i.e. the ratio between kills and own deaths, and high fps, which the above picture should illustrate.

Nvidia’s suggestion to improve fps in PUBG

The company’s own RTX-2000 graphics cards should be able to consistently achieve 144 fps with a resolution of 1080p. In the case of AMD, PUBG’s official system requirements recommend a Radeon RX 5700.

Those who still or generally need more frames per second can use Nvidia’s following guide, which achieves more fps with a reduced resolution and lower details.

  • Set the resolution to 1920×1080 and ensure that the monitor is set to the highest possible frame rate.
  • Set the rendering resolution in the game to 90 and apply the quality settings (image below).

Settings recommended by Nvidia for more fps in PUBG. (Image source: Nvidia)

To compensate for the lower resolution, it is also recommended to activate image sharpening in the Nvidia control panel. To do this, you have to proceed as follows:

  • Navigate to »Manage 3D Settings«
  • Select the »Program settings« tab
  • Uncheck »Show only programs that are found on this computer«
  • search for and select both PUBG entries
  • Activate image sharpening with the preset settings
  • Confirm and close Nvidia Control Panel

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