Roblox Frequently Asked Questions

How to get robaxes for free?

In a separate Roblox guide, we told you how to get robaxes for real money or completely free.

How do I create clothes?

Open the official Roblox website on a PC or Mac and log in with your data (the service is multi-platform, so even if you used Android or iOS before, you can continue on desktops or MacBooks). At the top of the screen is the CREATE button. Click on it to go to Roblox Studio. If the application has not yet been downloaded to your PC, you will be prompted to do so.

Rfr jnrhsnm Roblox Studio
Rfr jnrhsnm Roblox Studio

Rfr jnrhsnm Roblox Studio

And then a learning system will start, explaining the basics of programming in Lua. But this is a separate topic.

How do I recover my password?

Here things are not as good as they seemed. When registering from a phone, you do not specify a mailbox, but come up with a username and password. If you forgot your password, you can always restore it through the corresponding request on the website or in the application, and you will need to specify the account login. If you forget both the password and the login, then everything can end sadly. You can restore your username and password at the same time only on one condition – you edited your account data and indicated your phone number and / or mailbox. At the same time, as you know, it is important to have access to them.

Here you can add mailbox and phone
Here you can add mailbox and phone

Here you can add mailbox and phone

Therefore, the first thing you should do after registration is to go to the MORE tab and open the Settings . In the list provided , select Account Info , where add your phone number and / or mailbox.

How to earn robaxes?

You can earn robux at . It is a legal source of game currency. But you won’t be able to earn much free script executor.

How to delete an account?

This action is not provided by the developers.

How to buy clothes for free?

Periodically check out the Item Store (Catalog) and browse the available items. Sometimes you can find free stuff here.

Like this
Like this

Like this

How to buy a VIP? How to join the builders club?

On your phone, open the MORE tab and select Builders Club . This is a VIP subscription. There are several options that allow you to receive a certain number of robaxes daily.



How to ride a motorcycle?

You need to jump onto the seat from above.

How to skate?

Skate is given (created) automatically, but it is not available on all maps. If you can use a skateboard on the map, the corresponding icon will appear. Tap on it to make the character pick up the skate.

What is the name of the pitching simulator?

Weight Lifting Simulator.

What is the name of the map in Roblox with a scary elevator?

The Horror Elevator.

What is the game of hide and seek called?

Hide and Seek.

How to write in Russian in Roblox?

This function is supported when playing from a smartphone or tablet.

How to run two roblocks on one computer?

You can do this trick on a Windows 8 or 10 PC because you need access to the Microsoft Store . Launch the first Roblox program and enter the game. Let it be Counter Strike. Be sure to choose terrorists or special forces. Now minimize the game, click on the “Start” button and go to the Microsoft Store. Search for Roblox in the search bar, download and install, and then run. Log into the same account and join the game. Please select a different team. As a result of such manipulations, you will throw your characters into two different teams, while you can play from the same computer.

How do I run Roblox on Windows 10?

Use the Microsoft Store, where the game is completely free.

How to make money in Counter Blox Roblox Offensive?

There is only one way to make money in the game – be active and commit as many murders as possible.Joint pain?Learn how to deal with the cause of joint pain, not treat the symptomsh3.melukoola.xyzGo toThere are contraindications, consult your doctor. OOO “MedAS” OGRN 1027729432687 INN: 77282140723 Checkpoint: 720301001 115161, Moscow region, MoscowAdvertising

How do I sign out of my account?

On your phone, open the More tab , go to the very bottom and see the Log Out function . It allows you to leave your account.



How to throw things away?

On a computer, the Backspace key .

How to roll an ax in Lumber Tycoon 2 Roblox?

Just like any other item.

How to change gender to female?

Open the MORE tab on your phone and go to Settings – Account Info . Scroll down the page and you will see personal data ( PERSONAL ), where you can write about yourself in brief, change your date of birth, gender, language and country. The game is currently available in English and Spanish.

How do I change my character?

You cannot change the character in the game, but you can change his appearance. To do this, open the AVATAR tab on your phone .

How to rob a jewelry store in Roblox Jailbreak?

Jewelry is located next to the base of criminals. When the light turns on, then move to the X mark on the ground, then bend down and go inside the building. Destroy the shop windows with the F key. When you collect enough money, then go up to the second tier. Try to avoid getting red rays from cameras, as this will cause you to lose health.

When you find yourself on the third floor, then dodge the laser and climb higher to the fourth tier. There are three doors here. Compared to a bank, you don’t have to worry about cops. There may be campers on the roof. When you get there, then follow to the criminal base. At the base, you can turn in jewelry and get money.

The jewelry store will be closed immediately after all heroes receive money, with the exception of arrested characters.

How to rob a bank in Roblox Jailbreak?

Located on the left side of the garage. Be careful: if the cop manages to touch the compartment with the money, then all the heroes will be arrested. In addition, a limited time is given for the robbery. If the time runs out, then you will be automatically teleported outside the bank (but not arrested). The bank will close.

You can go inside even without a card. Approach the hatch near the bank, lie down on the ground and hit it. The chances that it will open is 50%.

How to rob a train?

Climb onto the train and follow the direction of the red carriage. There will be a hatch on top – open it, go through the door and take the money. Open the door on the left and leave the train. It is best to rob a train with a friend, and take on an ATV. A friend should be waiting for you right outside the door.

How to add to friends?

On your phone, open the CHAT tab and in the top bar, find the torso icon with a “+” sign. Click on it and then enter your friend’s nickname.

Friends search button
Friends search button

Friends search button

How to make emoticons?

Emoticons are not available everywhere, but if this function is supported, then you can add them to the message using the CTRL + 1 (NUMPAD 1) key combination .

How do I fix the error occurred while starting roblox details?

The error is related to a crash in the process of starting Roblox. As recommended by the developers, you should try running the game in compatibility mode roblox free mod menu . To do this, go to the properties of the application and open the additional compatibility menu. Please select a newer or older system.

Try uninstalling the app, clearing the cache, and reinstalling. Perhaps your antivirus is swearing at the application , which deletes certain files. Try reinstalling the app by temporarily disabling your antivirus or adding Roblox to exceptions.

How do I change my nickname?


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